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Every year there are trillions of pieces of fruit picked by hand. Farmers continually struggle to find and manage people which results in huge levels of waste and lost profit.

Ripe Robotics was founded with the goal of changing an industry that has been left behind by technological innovation. Fruit has been picked the same way for as long as we can remember, but recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics have now made automation possible.

We are fast approaching full scale commercialisation of our technology and are always interested in hearing from growers, engineers, and investors. If you would like to join our journey, please reach out to us at contact@riperobotics.com.


Hunter Jay

Co-founder and CEO

Hunter is an engineer with a background in A.I. He loves robotics and country life, and wants to make sure A.I. continues to develop in a safe way into the long-term future.

Michael Woods

Senior Mechatronics Engineer

Michael is a robotic engineer with a background in robot perception and control as well as complex system design. He is passionate about truth, automation as well as working on hard problems.

Tobin Smit

Mechatronics Engineer

Tobin is an engineer with a background in product design, autonomous vehicles and industrial automation. He is excited to use his experiences to innovate and automate the food industry.

Peter Kydd

Senior Software Engineer

Pete’s spent most of the last decade developing software for robotics, including underwater navigation systems, LiDAR for self-driving, & in the RoboCup & UAS Robotics Challenges.

Leopold Lucas

Co-founder and Adviser

Leo has a background in law, strategy consulting and sales. He is passionate about helping use technology to make our food system better.

Soroush Pour

Board Director

Soroush has a background in engineering. He is passionate about using his talent and experience growing companies to improve the the food system for humanity.

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